About Us


Started in 2018

Founded by Niall Kelly 


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Niall Kelly

Coach & Director

– Director Niall Kelly

“We are looking to change the way everyone views sport. Our mission is to get every child active in some way whilst not just focusing on the physical side of things but also improving life skills and social skills.

We are looking to bring people closer together and create a real family feel within all of our sessions. It does not matter where you have come from before our session or what your background story is, as soon as you are at a GOLD COACHING session you are part of a family. A family that will support, guide and better each individual. We believe that with the attitude of ‘everyone help everyone’ we can build the foundations for a child’s future.”

Gold Coaching is a coaching company who provide lots of different services from after school clubs, to birthday parties and P.E Lessons


Gold Coaching are dedicated to making sure every session delivered is inclusive, enjoyable, safe and informative.

Our fantastic coaches are always there to help and are enthusiastic about creating the next England world cup winning team!


As a company we look to include the parents in their child’s development as much as possible instead of keeping you in the dark. With so much going on all of the time , often parents and children can not be as close as maybe they once were or would like to be.


We look to strengthen relationships between a parent and their child through sport. Sport should be a time to connect with your children and bond in a fun, stress free environment.