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School PE Lessons

Are you a primary school looking for professional coaches to perform high quality curricular PE Lessons?
If so, Gold Coaching is the perfect solution.

Have a read below and find out more about us and why we thrive in sports education for children.

At Gold coaching we think that sports education for children is essential for a healthy and active lifestyle. We understand that not every child will be the same in terms of physicality and work ethic.

This is why Gold coaching excels in understanding how to adapt sessions in order to insure every child will progress. Not only do we focus on the active and fun side of a lesson, we make it our mission to improve the attitude and discipline of the children so they can get the most out of each lesson and learn to their full potential.

Here at Gold coaching we can promise you we will have a great team of coaches to run sessions. All of our coaches have had over 5 years of coaching experience with children and have experience coaching P.E lessons in Primary Schools across London.

When Planning a P.E lesson we make sure we work on all aspects of a child. We do not focus solely on the physical skills of a child (old school method). 

We look to work on the social, creative, and cognitive skills of the child as well as the personal and physical skills that are involved with sport. 

Our mission is to get every child loving sport as much as our enthusiastic coaches do. On the journey to doing this we want to educate every child on how to live a healthy lifestyle so that when they leave your school and your care they are equipped with all the knowledge and enthusiasm they need in order to actively live healthily. 

Send us an email if you are interested in Professional coaches to perform high quality PE Lessons. Don’t miss out!!