Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Are you looking for qualified coaches to help out your team? Does your team need a little bit of inspiration?

Are you looking to give your children fun, informative sessions? Look no further, GOLD COACHING are here to offer our services.

At GOLD COACHING we help lots of football teams reach their goals. We believe we have the best formula for improving players individually and improving teams.


We understand that success does not happen overnight and developing a child’s skill takes a lot of practice. There has been lots of research surrounding children’s development and at GOLD COACHING we look to use the relevant research and incorporate it into our own sessions.


Research shows that children learn skills better when they do not realize they are actually learning! Making our sessions fun and engaging, means the teams we take are playing games and having so much fun they do not know they are actually developing their skills which in turn means they are learning more efficiently.


We believe that building and developing a child’s fundamental skills is hugely important so we look to work on these every session.

Our sessions are all tailor made to fit your team and their needs. GOLD COACHING look to take the training sessions for your team and work closely with the manager in order to optimize performance and enjoyment. Every session is different and unique to work on different skills without the children getting bored.

Team Coaching

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It is our firm belief that we offer the best service around and offer coaches that are really looking to enhance your teams enjoyment.

Give us a call to book our coaches and take your team to the next level! Any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.