1-to-1 Coaching

One-to-One Coaching

If your child is looking to perfect technique and improve their individual footballing skills then our ONE TO ONE sessions are perfect for you!

Our one to one sessions allow your child to get 100% attention on them! Learning new skills surrounded by lots of other players can sometimes be quite intimidating. Quite often when a child will learn they will learn with lots of other players whether it be in a team session or a P.E lesson. We recognise that in these sessions a child can sometimes be left behind and told to move onto the next skills even if they are not ready to do so.

Gold Coaching one to one sessions allow your child to master skills before moving on to more complex ones. In our sessions we look to focus on the technique of a player and creating the most efficient movements. Each session is specifically designed to suit your child and their needs. As well as weekly sessions we provide personal development plans that will allow you and your child to do activities at home in order to strengthen them as a player.


Our sessions will include working on things such as; First touch, Passing, Shooting, Defending, Goalkeeping, Dribbling, Skills and much more. As well as working on the technical side of the game, we look to incorporate the physical and tactical side into every session to make sure that what your child is learning can be transferred into a match!

Our prices start at only £30 for the hour!

Pleased Parents!

"Our child needed some extra training away from his team to improve some personal goals. GOLD COACHING were fantastic at providing the right environment for him to learn in and the improvement our child made in such a short space of time was astonishing!"


It is our firm belief that we offer the best service around and offer coaches that are really looking to enhance your teams enjoyment.

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